Down with the Ship

by The Waxies

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released September 15, 2015

Produced by Conor Bardallis and The Waxies. Recorded and edited in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Additional recording and editing by Conor Bardallis, with special thanks to Clifford Thomas. Mixed by Peter Fox at Stone House Recording. Mastered by Matt Ten Clay at Amber Lit Audio. "Saintly Anne" lyrics by Adam Brouwer. "Terrible Beauty" lyrics by Jim Hines of Naples, Florida. Cover art by Lawrence Kole.

Special thanks to Victoria J.H. Orlewicz, Grant Jaskulski, Jason Bowler, and Bill Lynch.

The Waxies are Branden Garner, Mack Adama, Conor Bardallis, Michael Prokopchuk, Miles Anderson, Mikay McKibbin, and Jesse Powers.



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The Waxies Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Saintly Anne
Well it's Friday night downtown, all the boys are gettin' there
There's strangers in her bed and flowers in her hair
She is singing, she's dancing, a song for every man
You've never met a woman like dear old Saintly Anne

You've never met a woman like dear old Saintly Anne
With the reddest lips, the fullest hips, and a sympathetic hand
All you women shake your heads, all you men say a prayer
For dear old Saintly Anne

See I was just a young lad when I met old Saintly Anne
I was comin' home one evening, she came runnin' 'round the bend
She caught my eye and smiled and drew me by the hand
Took me back to her room and made me into a man

It was early into August when we lost old Saintly Anne
She fell asleep one evening with the fever in her chest
No preacher spoke her funeral, no tombstone on the ground
But she lives on in the heart of every man in the town
Track Name: Down with the Ship
We cut beneath the blackened sky a line through salt-sea hell
I brace myself against the helm and roll on demon swells
I bark into the bitter wind, Hold fast! We'll make it through
Then a wiry hand of lightning cracks the mizzenmast in two
The deck beneath my bootsoles heaves me forward through the spray
And out over the bow I spy the Devil's wave
My ship begins to twist and break, three hundred souls below
The sun will shine on lifeboats but the captain's gotta go...

Down with the ship!
In my heart I know I won't survive this trip
Never home upon the land, I'm a seafaring man
And tonight I'm going down with the ship!

So tether my body to this wreck that I have made my home
And cast off every lifeboat 'cause this end is mine alone
Save the last seats for the swimmers, this storm is breaking soon
While my head's above the waterline I've still got work to do
From flooding decks below I pull three hundred pairs of hands
Stay alive despite the tempest, row north to your homeland
I am poison in the Devil's jaws! My castle I will keep!
Heaven lies below for me in the cover of the deep
Track Name: For Those We Knew
Drunk again in routine rhyme
Another pint in solemn time
Pray for tomorrow but drink for today
So pour yourself another glass
Don't spare the very best
Tomorrow seems a lifetime away
So I say...

Here's to you
For those we knew

Come in, the door's wide open
Stand and we'll sing and drink 'til dawn
Raise your glass with me
And sing, all the hard nights and days
Have all gone away

Here's to the tired and sore
Broken, the beat and scarred
Is there no glory in this test
Here's to the friends I've known
The ones whom I've loved the most
To you I wish nothing but the best
But above the rest...
Track Name: Terrible Beauty
From Derry down to Dublin town the bloody river flowed
From seanchai to seanchai no tale went untold
The cries of Eirann sons and daughter mired in the bog
The tyranny 'cross Irish sea of poison London fog

To live or die an Irishman the price was much the same
Four corners of the world we sailed, in each they cursed our name
Some took a wayward passage 'neath the hulls of coffin ships
Some held on to the Auld Sod 'neath the sting of English whips

A land to weary to conceive a harvest but for stone
Was gleaned by queen's men to the quick, stripped down to the bone
Potatoes rotting in the ground, dear God the famine spread
Like locusts from the fields of Hell they left us with our dead

Still the breath of summer kissed the Emerald Isle
And crawled around the brooding moors and cause the land to smile
The healing of her sun and showers, the fragrance of her breast
As irrepressible children we still celebrate her best

The curse of destiny will drive a madman from his mind
And cause a temperate soul to stand where once he had resigned
And as the Thames and River Liffey seek the open sea
Injustice will deliver a terrible beauty
Track Name: Flotsam
Hold my jacket against the rail
Stand and watch on deck
Staring out at the cold gray waves
And a-wonderin' if I'll be back
Well two days out in a cutting gale
Waves came o'er the bow
Well John had a wife and two little ones
Ah well who's gonna feed them now

And oh, the wind does blow
Across this inland sea
And oh, the wind must know
It's taken all from me

Well Nate used to sing and to play a jig
And fight down on Fuller in the park
'Til his legs got caught up in a trolling line
You could only hear his screams in the dark
Well you say I should leave, Lord I know that it's true
But what would I do upon shore
Well flotsam only lands to sit and rot
An old sailor's for a whore

And oh, the wind does blow
Across this endless sea
And oh, be careful my son
For it's taken all from me
Track Name: Carry On
Gone away my peaceful days
Like wind across the plain
The fields there have known no despair
Where I sit and stay
The true love that I've known
Is not this common home
But in the trees and the freshwater seas
Where I'm born to roam

It's all the same to you no matter what I do
Carry on, carry on
And all the while I think where we'll be in the end
Will we meet here again

For every man there comes a time
When roaming's on his mind
Does he stay or make a name
Before he's in decline
But now I'm trying to find my place
In the city across the lake
But the winters are cold in old Chicago
Where the lost lie awake

Now time is slipping through my hands
The days and years go by
And I can't let it go and it's starting to show
In my darling's eyes
But warm and soft she holds me close
And life rolls like a wheel
And so I stay still to remain
Far from lonely fields

Relieve this aching my chest
With a soft and loving kiss
Life's at best when you're at rest
With the ones you love and miss
When we're gone let's all meet here
At the clearing in the fields
A place no more with want or war
Just the one you hold most dear
Track Name: The Cure
Tuesday night, we're drunk again
Treatment comes more often by the count
But less by the aching in my head
A nod to the bar, time to begin
Another round

Another round and nobody sees the gold go down
But the prophecies are all flowin' now
And we've finally found the cure
For our daily pains and the weights we hang
By the open door of this old place
When you need a release this is the time
To let it all out

Crawl the streets, forget our names
Four more hours 'til light of morning
Then we'll race to work and wait
My hand on your shoulder, do you believe
You're not alone

Oh we'd die if we quit but we don't give a shit
We're more than thirsty workers you see
By dead we're dead walking, at night we're all gods
And the drink never ceases to flow
Put your glass under the tap and open your trap
It's rest for the weary you know
From dust to dust, from the field to the pub
It's sustenance for me
Track Name: How Can a Man
Well how can a man be forced to live
And in poverty to dwell
And while the rich have most, most have none
Well they damned us all to hell

I've seen such thing as no man should ever see
My son and wife did die
While at the hand of the man who owns all the land
Where in the cold cold ground they lie

Well come all you sinners and listen unto me
And a story I will tell
How a man of the land was forced to kill
And damn his soul to hell
Track Name: Step It Out Mary
Step it out, Mary, my fine daughter
Step it out, Mary, if you can
Step it out, Mary, my fine daughter
Show your legs to the countryman
Show your legs to the countryman

In the village of Kilgory
Lived a maiden young and fair
Her eyes they shone like diamonds
She had long and golden hair
A countryman came riding
Up to her father's gate
Mounted on a pure white stallion
He came at the stroke of eight

I have come to court your daughter
Mary of the golden hair
I have gold and I have jewels
I have wealth beyond compare
She'll live in a mansion
With servants to command
I have silk, I have satin
And a ring for her hand

I don't want your gold or silver
Your house or your land
I am going with the soldier boy
I promised him my hand
But her father spoke up sharply
You will do as you are told
You will marry him next Sunday
And you'll wear his ring of gold

In the village of Kilgory
There's a deep stream flowing by
They found Mary there at midnight
She had drowned with the soldier boy
In the village there was music
They could hear her father say
Step it out, Mary, my fine daughter
Sunday is your wedding day
Sunday is your wedding day
Track Name: The Parting Glass
Of all the money that ever I had
I spent it in good company
And of all the harm that ever I've done
Alas, it was to none but me
And all I've done for want of wit
To memory now I can't recall
So fill to me a parting glass
Good night and joy be with you all

If I had money, enough to spend
And leisure time to sit a while
There is a fair maid in this town
Who solely hold my heart beguiled
With rosy cheeks and ruby lips
[] she holds my heart enthralled
So fill to me a parting glass
Good night and joy be with you all

Of all the comrades that ever I've had
They're sorry for my going away
And of all the sweethearts that ever I've loved
They wish me one more day to stay
And since it fall unto my lot
That I should rise while you should not
I gently rise and I softly call
Good night and joy be with you all